Buyer Personas Drive Inbound Marketing.

Are you looking to increase engagement with your brand? Buyer Personas are the key ingredient for an effective inbound marketing strategy. This course will walk you through the steps of creating one or multiple personas for your business.  

The demographics, questions, problems and general characteristics of your target customer should drive your marketing efforts. 

Customers want answers, and you should provide those answers to earn their business. However, you can't answer the right questions in the right way if you don't really know your audience. 

Buyer personas are an in-depth examination of your target audience. Through the process, you will learn about their journey to your products or services. 

You will gain insight into their challenges and the types of solutions they seek. You will learn what drives them to take immediate action or what causes them to walk away. After gathering information and conducting research, you will have enough content to write a compelling story. 

The story is a fictional representation of your target audience.

Usually, you will have two or three different types of buyer persona stories. 

In this course, we will guide you through every step of the design process. After completion, you will have at least one story (hopefully more). 

Why do these stories matter? 

They influence every aspect of your business. 

  1. The sales team can incorporate a targeted approach. 
  2. The marketing team will write relevant content, and post it on the right platforms to increase leads. 
  3. The management team can make business decisions based on who the company wants to reach. 

Let's get started!

What's included?

5 Videos
7 PDFs
1 Audio
Korey McMahon
Korey McMahon

About the instructor

Korey McMahon, CEO of McMahon Marketing and author of Bottom Line Marketing, graduated from Colorado State University and began his career as a professional snowboarder and marketer for Mountain Dew. After moving to Norman, Okla. in 2009 with his wife Autumn, Korey took the leap in starting his own business.

Since then, McMahon Marketing has seen tremendous growth and has been nationally recognized for its work. Specializing in inbound marketing, Korey is passionate about helping businesses grow and scale through lead generating content and sales processes.

Korey enjoys spending time with his wife, Autumn and chasing their beautiful daughter, Rose. In his spare time, he volunteers at St. Thomas More University Parish and participates in Norman Rotary Club. Korey has also been named a NEXT Under 40 Professional, OKC BIZ Forty Under 40 and ActionCOACH ActionMAN of the Year.

Korey can be found speaking at various conferences, events and regularly contributing articles to

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